Pathogen invasions. Water infiltrations. Mold outbreaks. Asbestos headaches. We all know news like this can spread faster than any contagion. You need a remedy quickly. It’s one thing to leave your business exposed to toxins, but quite another to leave your business exposed to litigation. We are a full-service industrial hygiene, asbestos, microbial abatement organization. We serve any physical environment where the health and safety of customers and employees are critical.

Meet David Weekley,

our Director of Environmental Services

You just won’t find a more decorated industrial hygienist. A 30-year veteran of the business, David has seen every challenge including infectious disease outbreaks, mold, and asbestos. David will personally inspect your workplace to ensure it is environmentally safe so you and your employees can get back to work, free from danger. Your facility is more than brick and mortar. It’s a living, breathing organism that can play host to a myriad of toxins.

David leads our team to identify the hidden hazards and provide a detailed assessment and cleanup plan. After the job is complete, we will also help you understand how to keep your building pristine. You just won’t find a more decorated industrial hygienist. A 30-year veteran of the business, David and his team have seen every challenge including infectious disease outbreaks, mold, and asbestos. Post-implementation inspections of your workplace are common practice to ensure the environment is safe so you and your employees can get back to work free from danger.

> Microbiology and Asbestos Inspector
> Management Planner Certified
> Project Manager Certified
> Project Monitor Certified
> Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Inspector

Meet Dianna Prince,

our Environmental Molecular Scientist

Dianna Prince is the Molecular Scientist at EnviroMavens and holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Bioscience from Middle Tennessee State University. Dianna is committed to protecting the health and safety of your workplace and specializes in microbiological testing and infectious disease control. In her spare time, Dianna serves as an adjunct professor which enables her to stay up to date in her field. She also loves being outdoors, enjoying activities such as scuba diving and hiking, and has a goal to hike all 63 national parks in the United States. Dianna is excited to use her knowledge and experience to evaluate and implement a solution for all your environmental testing needs.

Meet Karen Kennedy,

our Account Manager Industrial Hygiene

EnviroMavens is thrilled to welcome Karen Kennedy to our team! Karen’s career is founded in her love of the environment and the people around her. As an owner of a large tree nursery, she gained skills on multiple levels; from business management to environmental issues, such as chemical exposure and employee safety. Years later, she evolved into the hospital environment by partnering with facilities administrators, working toward the mutual goal of keeping employees and patients safe and healthy. Karen continues to nurture her love of people by volunteering as a mentor for military families working through grief. Her best strength? Positive attitude and transparency as she works through challenging situations

Meet Elise Short,

our Multi-Discipline Project Manager

M. Elise Short is a multi-discipline Project manager at EnviroMavens who is committed to high quality implementation of services and client communication. She specializes in asbestos testing and abatement, microbiological testing and mitigation, infectious disease control through sterilization practices, and project oversight. In her spare time, Elise enjoys sewing and making quilted memories for family members and friends. She and her husband welcomed a baby girl this year and she is enjoying being a new mom. Coming from a strong German influence, Elise also enjoys all things German: food, culture, language, and her extended family in Germany. She holds an Associate of Science Degree, emphasis in Biological Sciences. Elise is an exceptional client contact and is excited to use her 10 years of knowledge and experience to professionally resolve all your environmental needs.

Breathe easier. We’re on it.

You have no time for downtime. That’s why when you make an assessment or cleanup request, you can expect a fast response. You’ll hear from us promptly. We arrive quickly, anonymously, and move into action discreetly.

Put our network to work.

Our circle of professionals is key in recognizing, evaluating, and controlling any kind of exposure hazard. Our environmental scientists, architects, engineers, industrial hygienists, and microbiologists have extensive problem-solving experience for JCAHO, OSHA, EPA, USP, TDEC, NESHAPS, and NIOSH-compliance.